Monday, February 06, 2012

Amber's Library

Yay! I put one of Mama’s cabinets in good use by turning it into Amber’s mini-library. ^_^

It has been empty for quite some time until I thought that it would be a perfect bookshelf for Amber's books. Its height is just right for her to easily reach the books.

The little girl was delighted and even volunteered to help me arrange the books in it. When we were done, she went to get her chair, sat in front of her bookshelf and “read” or babbled as if she was really reading. ^_^

I told her that having her own bookshelf entails responsibility on her part. Yes, I really expect her to be responsible at her age. Pero shempre with lots and lots of leeway naman, she's still a baby after all. ^_^ I told her that she must return to the shelf whatever book she took, after she is done reading it.

And so she did...

I’ve observed her a couple more times and she never failed to return a book every time!

Don’t worry sweetheart, we’ll make you a real bookshelf when this incy-wincy teeny space is already cramped full with your books. ^_^

Hmmm, a reading table would help for now. That'll be Daddy's next project. 


  1. wow ang Amber girl,may mini library at home na.sis,gawa ka na din ng sayo! :)

    1. hehe! i have sis. sa bahay ni nanay. she is keeping all my books with her kasi hinihingi nya after i read them. ^_^


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