Friday, February 24, 2012

Playground Afternoon

Last weekend, Daddy, Amber and I strolled around the village. It was a joy to see Amber having such a good time just by walking along with us. She kept on saying "weeee!" with such glee! ^_^

There is a playground near the village gate. We had her try the seesaw. She was excited but was very cautious. Look at her grip on the handle bar... 

She was able to relax and enjoy the seesaw after a while.

The swings were already occupied by other kids so she didn’t have the chance to play on them. Both slides naman were a bit dirty :-( so she posed beside it na lang.

After a few more strolling-minutes, she led us back home. Pagod na daw sha.

The Hubby told me this morning that we should do that often because he noticed that Amber was so relaxed the entire night even if she didn’t get her afternoon nap. Dati, she will already be grouchy at around 7PM if she wasn’t able to nap earlier. Even if we failed to attend to her immediately when she called for us, she never showed any signs if impatience.

I think that little afternoon walk really did something good to her mood. Yeah, we might do that more often. ^_^

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