Monday, February 20, 2012

No Signal

One fine quiet weekend afternoon, everybody in the household seemed busy doing their own stuff when suddenly...

“Dadddddyyyyy!!! No signal! Come!”.

That was Amber in her most shrilling voice.

Daddy, a little baffled stood up and approached the little girl who was watching an alphabet video on youtube. He asked, “Panong walang signal?”.

Here was what’s on the monitor...
Apparently, she opened another google chrome window just as the wi-fi failed.

Amber gave out a sigh and said (with conviction), “Sabi ko, no signal eh. Not ‘vailable oh! See?”Then crossed her arms and rolled her eyes.

Don’t ask me! ^_^


  1. No signal nga nmn pla eh.
    Gosh! Lanie na Lanie ang little Amber. I can imagine her cross her arms sabay irap :)

    1. naku sis, she can be very bossy when she wants to. i'm just glad she is not like this 24/7. tama na ang isang ako! hahaha!


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