Thursday, February 16, 2012

Movie Time: Friends With Benefits

Sniff! Sniff! There goes those drops of tears again. Yeah, I know! I’m such a cry baby! Crying over Friends With Benefits. Duh! To think it’s a comedy film. What the heck! Walang basagan ng trip. :-p

This is one of the reasons why I like chick flicks! It makes me human. WUTEVER! And I get kilig even if I don’t find JT too hot to be kilig-worthy. But I must admit that he has a very nice and shapely behind! Well, it was really the very subtle yet very touching scenes that I enjoyed the most of course (yeah, right! ~grin~).

It’s like I know that there will be a point in the movie where it would definitely get cheesy as how any romantic comedy films go but because of its spontaneity, the cheesy part hit me like that unexpectedly.

I’m starting to love Mila Kunis. Her character in this movie is so naturally easy-going that it makes me think if it was really her who played Lily in Black Swan where she was so mysterious and cold-hearted. This time, one could easily fall in love with her character.

And oh, I get so mesmerized with her big brown eyes! ^_^

Hay naku, I wish someone would arrange a flash mob for me in Grand Central Station! <sa EDSA MRT ba yung counterpart nun dito? Hahaha! Wag na lang pala, mahirap na mag-cause ng pandemonium>!


  1. I never like JT before until I watched this movie.. Or maybe until I saw him half naked. LOL. Both were good actors kaya maganda ang kinalabasan ng movie. In fact, I've watched it 3 times na :)

  2. oh yes! kahit ako! i'm so willing to watch JT's nakedness again! err, i mean the movie. haha! perfect ang chemistry ni mareng mila at pareng justin, in fernes!


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