Friday, February 17, 2012

Something In Common

Mother’s Day is about 3 months away! Hey APPLE, you might want to consider this for your Mother’s Day Ads (WHY? ARE THEY PLANNING TO PUT UP ONE? ABA EH, MALAY NATEN?! At least, nanawagan na ko! ^_^).

Photo grabbed from brother-in-law's facebook

This is my SIL with her equally beautiful daughter Chloe in her most charming smile, busying themselves with Apple gadgets. Oo, kayo na ang mag-inang hindi mahilig sa APOL! ^_^


  1. wa ako ma-say,ganda lang ng lahi nyo sis! pretty ni baby girl :)

  2. Ang cute namn ng picture na to! Pwedeng pwede nga sa Apple add!


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