Monday, September 10, 2012

Rafael’s First Birthday Party

Rafael is the second child of the Hubby’s former co-worker, Jen. Don’t be surprised anymore if you won’t see me in the pictures, or if there are not much pictures taken. Ako lang naman kasi ang dakilang photographer. ^_^

He had this very fun Mickey Mouse/Circus-themed party at Valle Verde 4 Club House.

I’m not sure if she also made the cake but those popcorn-styled cupcakes are home-baked by Jen, the celebrators mommy! Ang sarap nung cupcake, I swear! The flavor is s’mores and it’s really chocolatey chewy!
Photos courtesy of Jen

She ate the Marshmallows, I took care of the rest. ^_^ 

They also had this candy buffet filled with Mickey Mouse inspired sweets.
Photos by M. Vinta 
Photos by M. Vinta

The foods were all so yummy. Sad nga lang that I wasn’t able to take pictures. I devoured them agad when my plate reached our table.

Towards the end of the party, Amber just wanted to go out and play on the yard. It’s too loud daw kasi inside. I always had to beg for her to come back inside the venue. With a pout, she’ll oblige naman, then go out again after a while.

Nevertheless, we did have a fun-tastic time!
With Mommy Jen and her very handsome son, Rafael.

Took home so many sweets as well!

Oh! We also met there for the very first time, Aidan. He is Amber's Ninang Nova's cute and very chubby baby.

Amber is giving Aidan her gigil-stare.

Thank you Jen and Mick for having us. Happy 1st birthday to the very cute Rafael.


  1. At talgang wala kang picture, no?! Buti nlng anjan yung mini-me mo, parang may picture kna din. hehehe.
    Ang chuchal ng birthday! Kahit ako makakalimutan ko ang diet makita ko pa lng ang mga sweets :)

    1. ewan ko ba kung bakit hindi man lang ako nahagingan ng camera, sa laki kong to! haha!

      ay oo, ang daming panira ng diets sa mga parties, malapit ko na i-consider na wag pumunta. :(


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