Thursday, September 27, 2012

Amber’s Antics

At the church.
Amber (whispering): Daddy, punta na tayo mall?
Daddy: Okay, pupunta tayo sa mall after ng mass. 
Amber (still whispering): Gusto ko na punta mall now.

Mommy intervenes.

Mommy (also whispering): Amber, wait muna natin matapos yung mass. Pag nag-clap na, pwede na tayo pumunta sa mall.

When the mass ended and the mass-goers clapped. Amber, in her high-pitched voice, screamed, “Yay! Clap na, pupunta na tayo sa mall!!!”.

Maryosep! Malakas pa ata sa choir yung boses nya. People around looked at us pero di ko na pinansin yung reaction nila. I was busy following the little girl hurrying out of the church. Hay, kids! ^_^


When I got home last night, Amber has sniffles.

Mommy: May sipon ka? 
Amber: Yes. Kasi cry ako eh.
Mommy: Why did you cry?
Amber: Kasi... kasi away ko ate.

Ate is a new ate so I had to investigate further before I do anything drastic, which is sabunutan si ate! Aba, malay ko ba kung inaaway nga ng bagong ate si Amber di ba?

Mommy: Sino ang nang-away, si ate o si Amber?
Amber: Ako. Inaway ko si Ate. Kasi ayaw ko pa bath time e. Play pa ako eh.

Ah, ganun naman pala. Sha na ang nang-away, sha pa ang umiyak na parang inapi. Hay, kids!


Amber was playing with her LPS when Kangaroo fell from the table.

Amber: Mah-meeeee (Mommy)... nalaglag si kangaroo. Di ko reach oh!

When I turned to look at her, she was extending her hand towards the Kangaroo but not really reaching it. As in 1 inch na lang yung pagitan ng kamay nya at ni Kangaroo. She could have bent a little without much effort at kuha na nya, instead, she called for Mommy and asked me to get it for her. Ang cute di ba? Hay, kids!

*For the record... no, I didn’t get it for her. ;-)


The Hubby and I just got home. Dinner is served so we took our respective seats at the table when Amber tugged her Daddy.

Amber: No... Daddy... akyat tayo. 
Daddy: Wait lang. Eat muna si Daddy. 
Amber: No... bihis ka muna di ba?

She can really be so persuasive.

Amber: Dirty pa kasi yung dress mo.

Dress? Hay, kids!


Mommy interrupts Amber while she plays one night.

Mommy: Halika na Amber. Time to brush your teeth para sleep na tayo. 
Amber: Ahm... sleep na lang tayo... pagod na ako eh.


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