Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gyan & Gyo’s Double Birthday Celebration

I didn’t want to post this event yet until I get hold of some pictures from friends. Kaso ang tagal nila eh. And I’m excited to share what happened last weekend.

Seeing my best buddies was so worth the long trip to Sinaliw Na Munti in Alfonso, Cavite.

After years and years of not seeing each other, the double birthday celebration of Ate Gay’s kids, Gyan and Gyo (who turned 7 and 5) gave way to my mini-reunion with Ate Gay and Noemi.

When we stopped in front of the Ferre’s ancestral home, I rolled down my window to ask for a parking space. When Ate Gay saw that it was us, she immediately went to us and started to make a small chat, not mindful that we were blocking a big part of the road.

Ate Gay: Dumating kayo! Naluluha naman ako...

*Abah! Sa layo ng binyahe namin, di pala nya talaga ini-expect na darating kami! Wehehe! Joke lang ‘te Gay. When did we ever fail you?!? :)

I could sense that she was really overwhelmed. I was too, after a long time of not seeing her. Noemi, who was with us in the car could not help but feel the same.

Well, mabilis namang natapos ang drama naming tatlo when we were called by Ate Gay’s mom, Nanay Pency, (who we also missed a great deal!) to the buffet table. Hahaha! Tinalo ng gutom ang pagka-miss namin sa isa’t-isa!

After that, we started enjoying the party. It was held the traditional way. Tables and chairs were arranged on the spacious front yard of Kuya Andy’s family house. The front balcony was made to be the stage for the celebrators. A funny clown hosted the party. There were pabitins, 7 roses and 7 candles, where I was one of the participants together with Gyan’s 2 grandmoms and 4 other 7 year-old friends. 
Photo courtesy of Ate Gay's friend
Korek! 7 years old lang ang peg ko at naihanay ako sa mga kids with the exemption of the lolas! Hahaha!

Gyan, Gyo and Amber.
Noemi's kids were busy with the games that we weren't able to take pictures of them. :(

It was with a heavy heart that we have to leave before the party ends as we still have a long way to drive home. But Ate Gay assigned Noemi to plan for another meet-up soon! This time, we will have the time all to ourselves and I’m sure that it will be a blast!

Happy birthday again, Gyan and Gyo! Amber and I hope that we can see both of you more often.

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