Thursday, September 13, 2012

Manang’s Chicken

Can’t remember where I’ve heard or read about Manang’s Chicken. What I'm sure of is that I made a mental note that if the Hubby asks me to meet him at Megamall after work, I will definitely ask him to try Manang’s Chicken. And it happened yesterday, hurrah!

It carries the tagline, ‘Ang Bagong Fried Chicken ng Pinoy!’.

Their prices are all so affordable!

We ordered 2-pc meal for the Hubby and 1-pc meal for me, both mildly spicy. They both came with a cup of rice and iced tea and costs P149 and P99. Just add P5 and you’ll already have your drink upgraded.

Sorry about this picture, the Hubby and I were already halfway through our meals when he reminded me to take a picture of it so I can make kwento about it. Don’t you just love supportive husbands? ^_^

The chicken by the way is fried to a crisp. Then they would ask you what sauce you prefer. At first, I thought the sauce was meant to be the gravy that I know. I was surprised when the attendant dipped the chicken to a black sauce that looked like soysauce. After that, she sprinkled them with sesame seeds. It looked like chicken teriyaki when handed to me.  

We also had chips as side dish with cheese dip.

So how did it fare?

The Hubby’s comment was that the chicken was okay. Although he isn’t fond of spicy food, he said that the spiciness is tolerable. The chips, we both liked! But the chicken, he said was so-so for him.

But – That came from someone who is so picky at what he eats. And a self-confessed not-adventurous-when-it-comes-to-food guy. Yeap, he still prefers the old-fashioned fried chicken.

Now, ask me! Ask me!

I love it!!! It really tasted like chicken teriyaki minus the ginger. I like that it’s sweet and a bit spicy. I am so going to try their super spicy sauce next time. And the skin is so crispy! For those who are not fond of sweet-tasting chicken, medyo may umay-factor lang pero overall, I really, really liked it! Uulit pa ko, promise! ^_^

Go visit 'Manang' at the Ground Floor Food Court of Megamall Bldg. A!

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