Friday, September 14, 2012

Kilig Mommy Moment

We were already on bed and about to sleep when Amber looked at me and said, “I love you”.

Awww... if I could only freeze that moment.

Ang OA ko no? Pero really... the feeling is so overwhelming. Parang ang taba-taba ng puso ko. Hehe!

It’s not the first time naman that she told me that pero oftentimes kasi, she just responds when I tell her I love her. This time, she said it out of the blue. And I could feel how sincere she was when she looked and smiled at me.

Waaahhh, naluluha ako!!!

I love you very much, my dearest, precious Amber. You will always be Mommy's sweet little girl and Mommy will love you - always and forever!  ^_^


  1. Kiiiliiiig! I wonder when I could her that from Akira :)

    1. siguro sis, ang key dun is to tell her that always. alam naman natin ang mga kids, they usually copy what they are told or what they hear. it just amazes me that she said it like she really meant it. yung full of emotions talaga. di kaya may balak mag-artista tong anak ko at pinagpapraktisan lang ako? hahaha!

  2. hi sis lanie! napadaan lang,good thing my blogspot account is still ok.haha. how are you and Amber.waaah andami ko namiss.medyo busy lang lately but hopefully makapag-blog na ulit ako in the future.take care! mwah! :)

    1. OH-HEM-GEEE!!!

      oo, talagang ganyan ang reaction ko! what happened to you sis? tagal mong mia. sis em said you're active na sa twitter, eh ayoko pa mag-twitter, ayokong ma-hook! hehe!

      how are you and xian? ano na balita ke papa allan? dami mo na utang ha!

      so glad to hear from you again. ^_^

  3. haha,oh-hem-geee talaga sis! sorry naman napahaba blog break ko.papa allan and xian are doing good.o nga eh,hinahanap kita sa twitter that time.oh well,im back for good.hihi! miss you and the rest of the girls.see yah around.mwah! :)


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