Friday, September 21, 2012

An Unexpected Visit

A former employee of our company paid us a surprise visit yesterday. He and I were hired almost the same day but he had to leave the company after 2 years. I stayed loooonger. ^_^

Then I started reminiscing. It was in March 2001 when I joined this company. 11 years and counting. I literally spent my childhood here! Teehee!

I have witnessed employees and business partners come and go. Projects that were bagged and lost. 

I’ve seen the company grow, I am even proud that I played a big part when it was incorporated in 2002. I’ve seen its best and worst years.

I can still recall how our annual outings went. How I played around with my boss’ nieces who were only 13 years old then. Now, they have graduated from college and 1 of them already has a kid of her own. Yet, I still remember her as a kid herself.

Year 2002: Those kids with us are all grown-ups now.

My boss’ infant firstborn then is now about to enter highschool. A former officemate’s daughter who has became my goddaughter is already 10 years old and looking so grown-up now.

Those years have really gone so fast.

Sabi nga ng officemate ko, I didn’t have to look afar. I am already a wife and a mother of a 3-year old. ^_^

Whenever friends ask me what is making me stay despite the opportunities outside, I simply respond, I feel at ease here, I have a good boss who values my capabilities, co-workers/friends who make a stressful day enjoyable, a job that challenges me but doesn’t totally wears me out.

It may not give me a luxurious lifestyle but it pays me decently. And at the end of the day, it’s my personal contentment that matters the most. ^_^

But honestly, no matter how heart-warming their visits are, I hope we don’t often get visited by former co-workers. I can’t help but feel nostalgic and worse, realize that I’m getting old. LOL! No, that was a joke! I really love seeing them again and be able to catch up on lost times. I sincerely hope that they get to visit us more often. 

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