Tuesday, September 11, 2012

McDonald’s Big N' Tasty Burger

I am craving for McDo’s Big N' Tasty Burger! Graaah! Aktwali, last week pa itong cravings na ito but whenever I had the chance to get hold of that mighty burger, either I am still full or I wanted to eat Twister Fries, too. I cannot eat the burger with anything else anymore because it’s too heavy for me. I really had a hard time finishing the entire burger.

My first BNT experience a few months ago.

But I love it! The burger patty isn’t juicy but there is certain creaminess in it that I like! And I love its dressing, too! Argh! Can’t wait to get my hands on a Big N' Tasty Burger soon.

Papano ba naman ako maglo-lose ng weight nito?!?! Aaargh!


  1. hehehe. Natawa naman ako sa last line mo, sis. Pareho tyo but I try my very best to resist the temptaion. Half fail, half succeed. Bakit kamo? Kasi kalahati kinakain ko padin :)

    1. at least ikaw sis, kalahati na lang. di ko kaya eh, sayang yung kalahati pag half lang kinain ko, tapos kapag pinagpabukas, hindi na sha sing-sarap so inuubos ko na lang. hehe!


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