Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goodbye Ate Nora... Hello LPS Pony! Hello Ate Judith!

Amber’s LPS Pony went astray and gone missing for days. Ginalugad na namin lahat ng sulok na hindi naman karamihan but it was still MIA.

It's really a pony but Amber calls it a horse.

Would you believe that I was more affected from losing the pony than Amber is? To the point that I always ask her if she has found Horsie yet every time I get home. I know... It’s so kaka of me!

Hubby: Sige, pag nakita ni Judith yung horse, ibig sabihin magiging permanente na sha dito satin.

Idamay pa si Judith sa ka-wierd-uhan ko! Ate Judith is helping us temporarily while we wait for Ate Nora to come back.

The next day...

Amber: Look Mommy, na-found na the horse oh!

Mommy: Talaga? San nahanap?

Amber: Nikita ni Ate sa lalim ng sofa!

What?!?! I almost crawled under that sofa (kung kakasya nga lang ba eh) but I swear I didn’t see it there! Tapos Ate Judith found it there?! She didn’t even know the deal about the pony nor it being missing for days?!?!

Was that divine intervention? Kasi the next day, Ate Nora made paramdam that she might extend her vacation for an indefinite time. Ganun? Is that even fair after I allowed her again for another long vacation, the second within only 5 months, and giving her a full salary?

So we decided to say goodbye to Ate Nora after 5 months. There were actually other reasons apart from her not coming back as agreed. Let’s say, marami kaming irreconcilable differences. Naks, parang married couple lang no? Ayun, annulled na kami now.

Judith naman is not so new in the household. She has been with the Hubby’s family for 11 years since 1994 and left to attend to her family in 2005. It was early this month when she started texting my MIL that she is available whenever her services are needed.

So all is well for the meanwhile and hopefully for a longer time. ^_^

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  1. It's a sign, sis! :0
    Mukha naman keeper si Ate Judith since she stayed with your MIL for 11 years. :)


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