Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Words That Hurt My Ears :(

I really have to make an effort to lose weight and at least come a bit closer to my old figure (if there has ever been, LOL). Well, I’ve been contemplating on it for quite some time but never really made an effort to put it in action.

After attending parties this past weekend where I saw most of my friends and acquaintances from old times and hearing lines such as:

“Parang lumaki ka ngayon...”

“Para kang hinipan ah!”

“Ano bang ginawa sa’yo at lumobo ka na?”

I guess it’s really high time I give dieting a very serious thought! Medyo nakakaramdam na ng sakit ang tenga ko eh, hehe!

I have nothing against those who said these words, in fact, I should be thankful that if these weren’t said, I just wouldn’t care. ^_^

So, I am in search for the best way to lose weight! Something that does not require too much exercise because I will always have reasons to avoid doing it. Strict discipline, I think I can handle.

I’ve read about a proven diet that doesn’t totally change your eating habits. Nothing drastic, nothing extreme. Although the results may come a little slower. It is very likely to produce a positive outcome as long as strictly followed.

Hmmm... I’ll try it muna. If it bears positive result in a few weeks, I’ll share it here. ^_^

Fingers... toes... and eyes crossed!


  1. Share! Share na :)
    After biking for almost a week and a half, I lost one and a half pounds.. pa lang. Ang hirap naman kasi pag ikaw lng ang nagd-diet tpos ang sasarap ng ulam na ihahain sayo diba? :)

    1. ay korek! samahan pa ng mga husbands na ang gusto gawin eh kumain ng kumain kahit alam na nagda-diet ka. oh meyn! ang hirap no?


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