Monday, September 17, 2012

Impromptu Subic Half-day Get-away

I always prefer unplanned get-aways because they are the ones that are likely to push through. Yun nga lang, because they are unplanned, sometimes, you don't have time to research about the attractions in the place anymore and you end up just driving around and of course, the best part -- EAT! ^_^

Saturday morning, the Hubby asked us if we want to lunch-out in Subic. Dinig daw nya mas masarap daw ang Jollibee dun e. LOL! It was already 12:30PM when we left the house. The Hubby said we were only an hour away from Subic so keri naman ng stomach namin ang late-lunch.

It turned out na yung 1 hour pala is until SCTEX lang! It took us another hour to reach Subic via SCTEX. Hanglayo meyn! Well, it wasn’t really that far considering our trip to and from work every day, gutom na lang siguro kami! Hehe!

These cats were personally picked by Amber to keep her company during the trip.

Since Typhoon Karen is still in the country, medyo gloomy ang weather but it was not raining when we were traversing NLEX. When we got to SCTEX, ang dilim! It was raining cats and dogs.

The rain didn’t stop me from admiring the view though. Ang ganda nga pala ng SCTEX going to Subic. I’ve heard about how nice the scenery is when this road was newly constructed but it was only now that I got to see it for myself. 

They cut through the mountain to construct the road.

Inside the short tunnel.

Already in Subic!

We reached Subic at 2:30PM and dined at Seafood by the Bay. I’ll tell more about our dining experience there on my next post. ^_^

I didn’t know that there is Pure Gold Duty Free pala in Subic. Mama was so excited to start shopping. Feeling daw nya nasa Costco sha. I didn’t enjoy it that much kasi I always convert the value to Peso (mahirap na magsisi sa huli, hehe!), and I always end up saying, “pareho lang ng presyo sa SM eh”. Haha! Ako na ang patriotic!

We weren’t able to roam around anymore because the rain never stopped. After Duty Free, we left Subic at 6:30PM.

Nakakaloka ang SCTEX sa gabi! Ang tipid sa lamp post. We noticed that the only lighted areas are those near the exits. Hirap na hirap ang mata ko mag-adjust sa dilim, buti na lang hindi ako ang driver! :P

Since it is off-peak season, hotels offer discounted rates. One hotel offers P998/night. Regular rate is at P2,800/night. Hinayang na hinayang si Mama. We should’ve stayed overnight na lang daw if we didn’t leave Kate alone at home (tulog pa kasi when we left ^_^). Ate Nora is on a week-long vacation by the way. She has to go back to her hometown for her son’s wedding.

Travel cost
Toll fees:  NLEX = PhP218.00; SCTEX = PhP168.00; SBMA = P22.00
Gasoline:  Around PhP1,200.00 for a car consuming 10km/L.

We got home at around 8:30PM. Tired from the trip but our craving for a short road trip was well-satiated. ^_^

Hmmm, san naman kaya next time magyayaya si Daddy driver? :D

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  1. My gulay!! Cats :) magkakasundo sila ni Akira niyan. haha.
    Oo nga nmn, basta biglaang lakad palaging natutuloy. Anung meron, diba? :)


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