Friday, September 07, 2012

A 1st Birthday Gift Idea

I just have to commend Human Heart Nature for their very fast, hassle-free online ordering procedure! And their delivery is so fast pa!

I placed an order online last Tuesday for baby and kiddie stuff. I intend to give these items as a birthday gift on Saturday. Initially, I plan to look for toys but my fat ass is too tired to go to the malls lately so I thought Human Heart Nature products would do perfectly since a lot of moms have vouched for its quality. Saka para maiba naman because I’m sure, the gift table would be filled with 90% toys! Clothes are not a safe gift if you haven’t seen the child yet. Children come in different shapes and sizes kasi.

So ayun, choose-choose the order, type-type the details and the next day when I got home, the package is sitting there already. I didn’t even have time to worry if it will arrive just in time before the party on Saturday.

Ang saya!

All I have to do now is gift wrap it. Oh, they made special mention pa of my request on the invoice ha – ie, pack nicely for it will be given as a gift. I know it doesn’t require being mentioned because their packaging is really nice. Naniniguro lang. ^_^

So there you go! 1 set of gift down, still have 2 more to think of. Medyo lagare kasi kami this weekend, we have 3 birthdays to attend to. Good thing that the 2 celebrators are having a joint party. 

Hmm, I wonder when can I attend to a wedding naman? Lately, kating-kati talaga ang paa ko to attend a wedding. Calling my single and attached friends and relatives, please get married soon! And don’t forget to invite me, hokey? ^_^

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  1. Thank you for giving me an idea, sis! :) May point nga naman. Most parents would give toys and clothes.
    Sana meron silang free shipping when you reach a certain amount para dun nlng ako bibili ng gift for Christmas. hahaha. Tamad lng :)


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