Thursday, September 06, 2012

Miniature Fruit

Look at these...

It took me a while to guess what they are. Giant albino cherries (if there is such)? Macopa?

Nope! They are the smallest apples I’ve ever seen! I thought Gala Apples are already cute but at almost 2” in diameter, these are way cuter! I just don’t know what they’re called – APPLETS??? ^_^

They are better to look at than being eaten though. +_+

They don’t taste like apple. For me they tasted more like Siniguelas or Kamias.

My officemate thought of making caramelized apples out of his remaining stash. Can’t wait until he does and brings some in the office. Teehee! 


  1. LOL. can i just call them REALLY LITTLE APPLES?!


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