Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Amber's Reward

Amber spends hours and hours watching LPS (Littlest Pet Shop) videos in YouTube.

She just stumbled upon one LPS video and she has been watching every LPS video she can find ever since. 
So, for that potty-training reward the Hubby owes her, it won’t be a surprise if she chooses an LPS toy.
Unfortunately, the ekonomista Mommy won't easily be convinced into buying any of those overpriced toys. PhP 350 for every 1.5" of plastic animal toy? Really?!? Wala bang pirated nyan?!? Buti na lang hindi ako nahilig sa kanila during my time. Teka, meron na ba nito noon?!?
But the look on Amber’s face when she saw the toys... para shang na-constipate! I mean nagpalpitate, hehe! I know it would break her heart if we don’t bring home any of the little pets. Kaya ayun, after one sharp look at the Hubby and silently nagging him about it, I gave in. Buti na lang, this box with 1 dozen Pets is on sale!
It’s 30% off the price. Mega-compute agad ang frugal na Mommy. Buying this set would save me 80% than buying a single toy pack. Aba, shempre dun na ako sa da-more, da-merrier, da-cheaper!
Happy si Amber sa toys, happy si Mommy sa discount! Everybody, happy!
At home, Amber had so much fun playing with actual LPS Pets.
The Hubby told me that the amount we paid for was so cheap compared to the happiness in Amber’s face as she played and held the toys. Justifications!
O sha, sige na nga! Hindi ko na sha bubuligligin sa ginawa nya. Anyways, the Mommy is already starting to find these little ones too cute and a real joy to play with. Hahaha! Here are some of Mommy's (yes, you heard it right -- Mommy's!) favorites: 
Uhm, not sure if putting the lion and the bird in 1 frame is a good idea. 
Here's one very happy potty-trained and LPS pets-owner toddler:


  1. Wow naman! Magkano naman ang isang set, sis? mukhang hindi lang si Amber ang nag enjoy ah. hehe. Grabe! ang mamahal ng mga toys ngayon. Dati Barbie lng ang mahal eh :-)

    1. korek! ngayon, lahat sila, mahal na! 1k yung set na yan, we got it for 700 lang. ang saya di ba? P58 lang ang isa. hehe!


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