Monday, June 09, 2014


I’m back! ^_^

And it feels so great to be back in this little corner of mine, my home in the World Wide Web!

The long hiatus is over, unless I’ve been taken and held against my will. So if you don’t hear from me for a couple of months, please feel free to report that I’m missing. ;)

For those who left me comments and messages... I’m so sorry for not being able to reply.

I have a lot of cleaning and catching up to do here. It’s been a looooong 11 months! Wait!!! Are those cobwebs on the corner of my page?!?! Tsk!  


  1. Welcome back!!! :)

    Wag ka mawawala pag nagstart na ang new season ng White Collar ha?! hahaha.

    1. thank you! thank you! :)

      hahaha! matagal pa naman yun, makakarami pa ko ng blog. lam mo na that only neal caffrey can keep me away from blogging. ;) hahaha!


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