Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bedtime Chat II

Didn’t know that the States of Matter are already being taught to Kinder pupils.

Just last night at bedtime...

Amber: Mommy, if I’m hungry, I will not ask for dede. But if I’m thirsty, I like dede. Kasi milk is liquid.

Eh di shempre, that statement caught my attention. Umpisa na ng interrogation!

Mommy: Why did you say that milk is liquid?
Amber: Kasi it’s in a bottle.
Mommy: How about solid? Do you know what solid is?
Amber: Opo. Yun yung may corners...

Hmmm, pwede na! I-push pa natin...

Mommy: For example, rice! Is rice liquid or solid?
Amber: Solid!
Mommy: Very good! How about gas? Do you know what gas is?
Amber: Opo! It is for filling the car in the gasolation!

Tumpak! Di na ko nakakibo.


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