Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Letter For Amber On Her 5th Birthday

My dearest Amber,

Today, you turn 5 years old and I feel so giddy about it. ^_^

You can read now. And you love reading! You read every word you see around you and often ask me what it is about. I guess it will just be a matter of time before you finally get to read Mommy’s blogs about you. I’m so looking forward to that and know what your thoughts are about everything that Mommy writes!

Oh! We still need to get pass your picky-eating stage. Argh! How I wish to see you eat with gusto. I’m beginning to be bothered by your skinny arms and legs. People, who I know care, told me that I shouldn’t worry too much as long as you are active and do not get sick too often. Well, not only that you are very active, you are so TALKATIVE, too, if I may add!

Yup, you are getting more and more talkative. Not a day goes by that you do not fill the house with your random songs, monologues and blabbers.

I talked to your teacher, Sister Henrietta this morning, and she said that you are very quiet in class. She was surprised when I told her how you are at home.

I still wonder why you seem to fold up everytime you are surrounded with people you don’t know very well yet. The chatty you just hides there somewhere and it takes a long time for you to warm up to someone.

In your previous school, it took you a semester to open up and mingle with your classmates. The same happens with your cousins when you see them again after a long while.

Please know that it’s okay for you to always have new acquaintances and new friends all the time. It is okay to say hi and smile back to people and children you just met [as long as they are not suspiciously creepy-looking strangers]. That’s the first step to friendship after all. ;)

Sadly, we already came to the point where we have disagreements. A lot! But I cherish the moments when we kiss and make-up. You always find ways to tell me that you’re sorry even without having to say that you are.

Just very recently, when I decided not to talk to you because you have once again tested my limits, I could feel how you have been glancing at me but I had to hold my ground. When we went to church and I was following you and Daddy while you walk hand in hand. You suddenly stopped, let go of Daddy’s hand and ran to me, took my hand and led me to the pew. So sweet. That simple gesture made my heart melt. I already understood.

But I just hope that we don’t have to argue at all. And if it really can’t be helped, that there will be something we both can learn from in our every disagreement.

And I promise to keep in mind that you’re only 5 years old, not 16. :)

I love you, forever and ever! :)


P.S.: Please try to eat some more, okay? :)

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