Monday, June 09, 2014

Summer 2014

The Hubby asked me if I wanted to go to their company outing.

Being a Mom, I first have to consider a lot of things before I let my kid go out under that scorching hot sun. Well, scratch that! I just am not, and will never be, a beach person because I can’t swim. I’d rather stay someplace cold than be under the sun in a beach.

But then, I also remembered how the little girl enjoyed our little summer outing last year. 

So never mind that Mommy has very little affection to beach and summer, the little girl likes it. So off to the beach, we go!

Who said I’m the only one afraid of the sun? The father-and-daughter tandem wore long-sleeved rash guards despite that they almost emptied our supply of sun block lotion.

I did not swim. For reasons you already know. TEEHEE! I just enjoyed the scenic view... and the camera! Of course!

It was a tiring day because the travel time to and from the resort took us a total of 7 hours. But the look on all the children’s faces that day is just worth the long travel hours.

Until next year! :)

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