Monday, June 23, 2014

It’s Gary!

Because it has been raining recently, we found some visitors in our front yard! We thought of showing it to Amber since she hasn’t seen real ones yet.

Daddy referred to them as ‘Gary’ when she called Amber. With a confused look, she went with us to see who Gary was.

Amber: Oh! It’s a snail! And there are so many of them! So many Garies!

The little girl was so amused with the crawling slimy creatures until she dropped the next question.

Amber: Hey! Where’s Spongebob? Mommy, let’s look for Spongebob!

Daddy was quick to get the sponge from the kitchen and showed it to her.

Amber: Ugh!

She rolled her eyes, turned away from her Dad and went back to what she was doing earlier. Hahaha! Remembering how she reacted to her Dad still makes me laugh. Sorry Daddy, she isn’t taking any non-sense from you anymore. :p

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