Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Villa Bubut / Casa Francina (Part 3)

What do you know?! There’s a beach a few meters away from Ate Bubut’s gate. So cool!

So before we leave, we headed to the beach. We don’t really have plans to swim. Makita lang namin yung dagat, solved na kami! Wala kaya nito sa Maynila! ^_^

It was the little girl’s first time to walk on a sandy beach. She kept on saying, “Mommy! Mommy! What’s this?!” as her feet digs in the sand. Nakakaaliw!

Further in the 2nd frame is Puerto Azul na daw according to the people there.

Sadly, we didn’t stay on the beach for long because Ate Bubut had to go to the airport that afternoon to fetch his husband, Joop (pronounced ‘Yoop’ in Dutch). The troupe headed back to Manila before noontime.

It was a fun short getaway. And we look forward to going back. Thank you, Ate 'But for having us. We surely had a great time!

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