Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Celebrations


I’ve been very busy these past few weeks, especially during weekends, that I did not post any weekend activities of my little girl.

It’s a good busyness though. ^_^ My newfound business is doing well. I’m not running out of daily inquiries and I’ve sent out orders the past 2 weeks and I still have an unfinished batch sitting at home. Thank God for the blessings! Sorry if I don't talk about its details here kasi I made a pact, since the time I constructed this blog, that that I am keeping this blog very personal. Chos! Sabi ko lang yun, I'll talk about it din soon. Hehe!

Heniweyz, going back to my not-so-personal life... ^_^

We celebrated 3 birthdays in the office this month. The 4th birthday will be held this Wednesday but I can’t wait until then to show the pictures of the past 2 celebrations anymore (mine kasi I’ve already shown previously). Not naman because the pictures are grand, nothing really unusual, it's just nice to talk about it. Saka I remembered that I haven’t introduced my office buddies in this blog yet. That’s so not nice of me considering that they are who I share my everydays with. Mas matagal ko pa nga silang kasama kesa sa anak ko di ba?

So without further ado, here are my officemates, the ones I usually spend my days with... ang dahilan ng kakrung-krungan ko most of the times.

This is Kuya Rey. I will not mention how old he is already because it doesn’t really matter. He looks, thinks and feels younger than us anyways. LOL!

His birthday is really October 28 but because it fell on a weekend and our other tropa went back to her hometown the following day, we celebrated his birthday on November 5.

We used to be the Power Puff Girls and Danny Bravo until Margz resigned.

We refer to Kuya Rey as the natural Scorpion. Kasi ang trait daw ng taong born under the sign of Scorpio, eh yung pag may pinakisuyo ka, hindi pwedeng walang reklamo. Madalas, kokontra pa yan. Pero in the end, gagawin naman. Yan! Yan si Kuya Rey.

Pero very dependable yan. Sobrang maasahan talaga! Sha ang Rey of all trades namin sa office.

Meet Miss Novel. Let’s also skip the real age part. What’s important is that she looks fairly young compared to her age. LOL! Totoo naman di ba?
She turned –tythree last November 17 and since it also fell on a weekend, we were treated to a hearty lunch on the 19th.

If you look at our pictures, it seemed that they were taken on the same day, at the same time. Pasensha na po, sa sobrang cute ng office namin, that spot is the best place where we can dine in together. And we actually prefer dining in the office than dining out, ang init kaya sa labas! Wag na lang pansinin that that table is actually our boss’ table. Eh wala naman sha kaya keri na shang dining table. Hehe! 

Opsie, I missed making kwento a lot that I’ve been typing all away na. Parang nobelang flop na ang entry na ito so I’ll end it with a - BOW! ^_^

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