Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Love November!

Do you know that November is my favorite month? Why?

Because 13th month pays are given this time of the month. That means I have extra cash to spend. Yipee! THAT IS IF I HAVEN’T BURNED MY CREDIT CARD YET.

Because there are usually 4 holidays in this month, sometimes less, really depends if Nov-2 gets to be declared. Nevertheless, holidays are fun. 

Because by this month, I begin feeling the cool weather already. It’s just very Christmas-y.

And most especially, people are nicer to me during the first week particularly, because Nov-6 is my natal day!

Big thanks!!! 

To the Hubby for my chocolate caramel cake. It would’ve been yummier if “SEXY” did fit. LOL! 

To the little girl at home for making my day complete with a big warm hug and a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMY!!!" as soon as I got home.

To the two officemates who I always have lunch with, for sharing with me another simple, but felt like a Sofitel's Spiral Buffet, Kenny Rogers Roaster lunch. :)

To my friends and family who showered me with so much greetings in Facebook.

Thank you! Thank you!

Dear Lord, my saviour, my only God,... thank you for a wonderful year. I am always grateful! 


  1. happy birthday! mukhang yummy nung cake. :)

    1. thank you! it is! ate half of it. pano naman kaya masusulat ang "sexy" pag ganun ang kain? hahaha!

  2. belated happy birthday,sis! im sure you had a blast with the people you love the most.the cake looks so yummy,sweet ng hubby! di na daw kase kasya sa cake yung word na sexy. :D

    1. thank you, sis! oo nga daw, may gorgeous, loving, understanding at kung anik-anik pa daw sana. wushu! ^_^


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