Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It’s Christmas In Our Home!

At last! We were able to set up the Christmas decors before November ends. Akala ko, aabutan na kami ng Christmas day.

I couldn’t say it’s easier to set the decors this year. I have a little helper nga who was very proud of helping Mommy by handing me the Christmas Tree ornaments kaso I had to keep an eye on the little helper as she was such a copycat and tried to do things that I hope she didn’t because she’s giving me a scare! Tama bang umakyat din sa window sill? Kaloka talaga!

Anyhow, the tree is up care of me! As usual, the theme of the tree is – labo-labo! ^_^
The little girl could not take her hands of the sparkling Christmas balls.
I swear, I tried to make it as organized as possible using the same old decors kaya lang in the end, it still turned out like that... pero mukhang okay naman di ba? >;/

The Hubby naman put the decors outside the house.

Even the fishes’ aquarium was adorned with LED lights. Para lang silang nagpa-party-party ulit.

There it goes. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Bonus na lang ang kulang... ehem-ehem! ^_^


  1. Finally :) buti ka pa nga nakapagpost na ng Christmas set up nio. Ako, October plng meron ng tree hanggang ngayon work in progress pdin. hehehe.

  2. May pumipitas na agad nung christmas ornaments o! hehe! Cute namn pati mga fishies kumikinang kinang ang tahanan!

  3. Merry Christmas,sis! i also used the same decors from last year sayang kase.this post reminds me that I still don't have any Christmas post yet.ano ba yan,katamaran na 'to! same here, bonus na lang ang kulang!lol.


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