Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rufo’s Famous Tapa

After our trip to Jacob’s Ladder Immunization Center, the Hubby and I would just eat any food that’s within our reach. Hanggang langit ata ang gutom namin. Our fault though. We skipped breakfast for fear that we will not make it on time to Jacob’s. Good thing, they don’t have lunch breaks. Yeap, they still accommodate patients even at 12 noon.

So ayun, traversing Alabang-Zapote Road going to Alabang, baling-bali ang leeg ko kasisilip sa mga nearby restaurants. I was supposed to settle with Lido Panciteria when the Hubby made mention of Rufo’s Tapa, which is behind Lido. Upon hearing the name, may nag-flashback na kwento sa isip ko from one of the blogs I’ve read. So ayun, mega-park agad kami!

The Hubby gave his order first. Miss Server took my drink and repeated the order agad.

Miss: You ordered for 1 Famous Tapa, 1 Tocino, 1 Bottomless Iced Tea, 1 Bottomless Orange Juice and 1 Leche Flan. Thank you...

Me: Wait, wala pa akong order kaya.

Miss: Ay, kay Sir lang po ba lahat yun? Akala ko po Ma’am kasama na kayo dun.

Ayun, ganun ka-gutom si Husbandry at 2 plates agad ang sa kanya.

Verdict. We both loved the Tapa! The sauce especially. Totoo yung tag line nila na ‘Sauce pa lang, ulam na!’. Too bad they only have limited branches around the metro. I seriously wish they would open more branches soon, like sa Alabang and Fairview? Hehe!

The Hubby was even asking me the day after if there is a Rufo’s near to our place. Adik!

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  1. Hahaha! Meron niyan sa Makati, dko lng alam where specifically :) masarap yung adobong mushroom nila, winner!


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