Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Villa Bubut / Casa Francina (Part 1)

Yeap, I'm dividing this post in 3 parts so that you won't get tired of looking at so many pictures. ^_^

The title of this entry are fictitious names that we came up for Ate Bubut’s spacious farm land in Ternate, Cavite.

Ate Bubut by the way is Hubby’s first cousin who just came back in town after so many years of living in The Netherlands, Middle East and wherever else in the world. ^_^

It was a short trip from Manila but since we were only given coordinates that we plotted in the GPS, we really don’t know what the exact place is called so we referred to it as Villa Bubut or Casa Francina, according to Tita Let.

We made several wrong turns because the road going to the place was quite hidden from the main road. 

But when we got inside the gate, we were all awed by the vast nature that awaits us.

We all loved the trees that surround us! And the looong pathway going to the main house.

The main house though is about 20 steps up on the hill! Ilang calories kaya ang mabu-burn ko dito?! ^_^

At dahil hindi ako architect o interior designer, mahirap para sakin ang i-describe ang looks ng bahay ni Ate Bubut. Hmmm, all I can say is that it showcases Ate Bubut and her husband's love to travel. Every corner of the house has trinkets that they got from every part of the world they have been to. Para shang museum. ^_^

And I love that it has a lot of space!

With us is Mommy Lil. She's Ate Bubut's mom.

The kids enjoyed running around the house. And while they do, I was praying hard, for them not to bump and break any of Ate Bubut's treasured mementos. 
Amber & nephew Justin.
Justin is Ate Bubut's grandson.

I was glad that the little girl felt hungry and asked for dede, nawala ang nerbyos ko sa pagbabantay sa mga vases and wooden statues na pwedeng matumba at madisgrasya ng dalawang pagkalilikot na bagets!

We stayed on the guest house that is separate from the main house. It was still a few steps up from the house. Ramdam na ramdam ko na nasa bundok ako. It was so quiet and peaceful. Mga kuliglig at tuko lang ang naririnig ko sa background. Communing with nature talaga ang peg! ^_^

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