Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Villa Bubut / Casa Francina (Part 2)

Casa Francina is so much better and nicer in daylight! See for yourself... ^_^

Ate Bubut visited us in the morning and was surprised to find out that we were all staying in 1 room. There are 2 rooms in the guest house, 1 was supposed to be shared by Mama and Tita Let while the Hubby, Amber and I were to use the other. Pero dahil nagkatakutan na the night before dahil sa humuhuning tiktik, este tuko, we all decided to stay in 1 room. 

An hour later, we're back in the main house to have breakfast. I love the view on the window! Try nyo sumilip, bangin po yan. Haha!

View from the top...

This well is no longer functional to human beings but is still good for bathing frogs. Ang laki nung palaka. I hope he finds his princess soon... any interested single ladies out there?! LOL!

It looks like I'm having a future sprinter. Go, anak!

And then I saw the real reason why Amber is having a 50-meter dash...
Ate Bubut took out Yumi. She'll be riding the car, too! Not ours ha, Ate Bubut's... whew! Sigh of relief!

Everyone stepped aside at the sight of Yumi. Hehe! Sinong gusto makipaglaro sa Labrador? Sino?!

Hindi naman kami mukhang afraid, di ba?! Hehe!

One last shot before we leave Casa Francina...

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