Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Usapang Bulilit

One evening...

Mommy: Amber, what are you watching?
Amber (without taking her eyes off the TV): I’m watching TV, mommy.

Can’t she be more specific?

Mommy: Oo nga, but what are you watching on TV?
Amber (glanced at me for a while looking perplexed then looked back at the TV while gesturing her hands towards it): Ayan oh, Mommy. Nagwa-watch ako nyan.

Oh my goolay! The way she said it, ang pilosopo ng anak ko!!! I wonder where she got that from?!? *glaring at Daddy*


Amber: Mommy... Bo-cha!
Mommy: Huh?!
Amber: Bo-cha!
Mommy: Anong Bo-cha? (imitating how she said it)
Amber (laughed): Mommy, you sound sil-ly!

At ako pa ang silly?!? 


We saw the Mr. And Ms. China Town sa TV last Sunday, Amber was instantly fascinated as she is in every beauty pageants.

Mommy: Amber, gusto mo matuto mag-Chinese? Maganda yun...
Amber: No...
Mommy: Bakit naman?
Amber: Kasi -- English muna.

May preference. Oo nga naman, isa-isa lang muna kasi Mommy. L


There was a knock on the gate.

Amber (going out to check who it was): Who is it? Who is it?

After a while, I heard her shouting from the gate.

Amber: Dah-ddy... Mah-mmy... There’s tao in the gate!!!

Josme! There’s TAO daw sa gate?! Conyotic! Ang sakit lang sa tenga, at ipinarinig pa sa buong mundo!


Amber: Mommy, can you cut my hair?
Mommy: Sure. We’ll cut it this weekend.
Amber: Oh! Thank you, Mommy. Gusto ko short hair.
Mommy: Huh?! As in short? You have to ask Daddy.

Amber (turning to Daddy): Daddy, can I have a short hair?
Daddy: No. Pwede i-cut ni Mommy pero konti lang.
Amber: I like short hair.
Daddy: No, you don’t. Parang boy yung maikling hair.
Amber: Nooo... pwede rin sa girl.
Daddy: No. That’s final.

Amber (turning back at me): Mommy?
Mommy: Daddy said no na eh.
Amber: Eh si Daddy yun... ikaw?

I think may part 2 pa ito when we get home this evening.

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