Friday, June 28, 2013

Stars Make A Mommy Happy & Proud

NOTE: Please know that I’ve never understood mommies who make public of their children’s achievements -- no matter how trivial these are -- UNTIL I BECAME A MOM MYSELF.  So please bear with another proud mommy. CAN'T HELP IT, I THINK THERE ARE HORMONES THAT MAKE US THIS WAY AFTER POPPING BABIES OUT OF THIS WORLD. :) 

Unlike Mommy, she didn't want to show off her star
-- that explains the grin. :D

“Very Good” stars -- 3 days in a row. Keep it up, sweetheart! :) 

Enough reason for me to stay up a little longer at night to read her lessons to her, even after an exhausting day at work. This is so worth it!


  1. Very Good naman, Amber! :)

    Akira doesn't like stars naman :( even if makakuha siya sa school, pinapatanggal agad sakin or she rubs it off by herself. weird ba?

    1. nadudumihan siguro si Akira tingnan, hehe! Amber naman, ayaw talaga pakita, she hides her hand on her back... nabola ko lang jan. :)


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