Monday, June 10, 2013

Family Day 2013

The Hubby’s company hosted a Family Day last May 26 at Bulacan.

The Hubby is pretty new in the company so I don’t know anybody there yet. But having Amber's summer experience in mind, I agreed that we should go.

There was a program and games among the employees and their spouses. Urgh, the Hubby and I didn’t win but we got 3 out of 6 questions – that for me, is already a big achievement, having a husband who scores an “F” at remembering details!

It turned out really fun, especially that Amber enjoyed being in the water -- A LOT. She wouldn’t remember the first and last time we brought her to a resort. She was only 8 months then so in essence, this is her first time.

She was apprehensive at first and didn’t want to dive in.

But when she finally got the hang of it, she no longer wants to come out of the water. Poor Daddy. He had to keep up with the kid even if he’s already suffering from hypothermia.

There was an instance when the Hubby urged her to jump in the water. We never thought that she’d really dive in – but she did! To our surprise! I thought my heart would leap out from my chest that very instance. Muntik ko na sakalin yung asawa ko for daring Amber to jump in. Good thing he was able to catch her before her head went underwater. I guess everything went well even after that because Amber was still all smiles. Totally forgetting about the water she took in from that ‘dive’.   

If you would ask, no, I didn’t go for a swim. I still am not confident and comfortable to be in my bathing suit, that’s why. Sigh! :(

Anyhow, here are pictures taken during that day. :D

I didn't think I'd say this because never in my life have I enjoyed the summer heat... but looking at how happy the little tot was swimming under the sun, I can't wait to see you again next year, Summer! :)


  1. anuvah! Pwede naman hindi naka bathing suit eh :)
    Sooo, next summer? :)

    1. iiih, ayoko... gusto ko naka-bathing suit! hahaha! mapilit.


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