Tuesday, February 26, 2013

False Alarm!

Ola! ^_^

I’m in a happy mood. Yes!

Meron akong wow! moment a few weeks ago that I’m too shy to tell here so I did not. Kay Em lang. Thru FB. Haha!

But since I was able to tell the Hubby, Nanay and everybody here in the office about it na and got just about different level of excitements that are so so amusing, I finally decided to post it here... for my recollection first and foremost. Yung tipong pagtanda ko at naka-online pa rin ako na parang si Lola Techie, eh may babalik-balikan akong masayang memories. Second, para lang may maikwento. Lately kasi, feeling ko kulang na ako sa pansin, hehehe!

So what’s the story?

A few weeks ago, I’ve been having this weird feeling. The kind I felt when I already had Amber and I didn’t know it yet. Ganung-ganun. I was really suspecting that I’m pregnant.

At the same time, I always have these annoying headaches all the freaking time. Parang throughout the day masakit ang ulo ko. Pero no! I am not taking any paracetamols. Kasi I know that when you are pregnant, you are not supposed to take any medicines without proper prescription, saka praning lang talaga ako. Mabuti na yung nag-iingat di ba?

It’s been going on for days but I dared not tell the Hubby yet kasi nga it’s too soon to tell. I need siguro mga 4 days pa to really say that I missed my period.

Then one unfaithful morning in the office, there came that freaking headache again! Parang binibiyak ang ulo ko. When I opened my bag, I saw an Advil. Without thinking, nilunok ko sha, only to realize why I’ve been trying to keep up with the headaches lately.

Bullfrogs! Kung pwede lang dukutin ang lalamunan ko, ginawa ko na. I was so scared. Tapos nabasa ko pa that taking Ibuprofen at the early stage of pregnancy may cause abnormalities sa baby. Alam mo yun, when you’re in panic, you become a bit naive and just believe things you read without making further research. Ganun nga, worried na worried ako. Andami ko nang iniisip, dasal na ko ng dasal kay Lord na Sha na ang bahala.

That night, I got my period. False alarm pala. Sus! Toink!

When I finally had the courage to tell my lovedones and friends about it, iba-ibang reactions ang nakuha ko!

Hubby (stopping me midway): Teka, tara, bili tayo nung pregnancy kit!
Me: Atat naman to. Patapusin mo muna kaya yung kwento ko?

Nanay: Lan, hindi kaya,... hindi kaya, kaya ka nagkaroon dahil uminom ka ng gamot?
*Nay naman... gawin ba akong abortionista?!?

Officemates (with those big smiles plastered on their faces): Magkaka-baby ka na ulit!!!
*They’re happy because if I was really pregnant, that means, I’ll be on maternity leave on October to November. I’ll be back by April, in time for the filing of income tax return. Biggest fear nila yun eh, ang tumapat sa ITR filing ang leave ko. Hmp! :)

I had mixed emotions. Sad and relieved.

Sad because I was already envisioning myself pregnant and having another baby. Saka ang laking convenience nun sa MRT (yup, I’m taking the Metro Transit, commuting everyday now. Sigh, hang hirap!)! Pag nakita kang buntis, pwede ka mag-“Turn Around” train, di ba?

Relieved because, I feel that with the recent developments in our life, baka nga it’s not a right time to have a baby yet. :(

Oh well, I’m leaving it all up to Him. I believe that His plans are great.

That’s all... bow! :D

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  1. Cyber Hugs and kisses, sissy! You know I'm just a chat away. If you need help on anything, I'll be there virtually-- wag lang sa pagluluto kasi alam mo nmn na mas type ko kumain :)

    The right time will come, just have faith. Who knows? in the next 5 years baka bumaba na ang price ng diapers, milk, vaccines.. etc. #dreamonEm or Maybe, by that time, mapaOO ko ndin si hubby na magkaron ng baby sister or brother si Akira. Sabay tayo magbuntis :)


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