Thursday, June 14, 2012

A letter for Amber on her 3rd Birthday


My dearest Amber,

Today is your 3rd birthday and this year, we have reached another milestone – you have started going to toddler school! Some would raise their eyebrows at us and think that it’s too early since you are still very much a baby but seeing you enjoying school this morning, I knew that you are more than ready to explore new things and meet new friends.

I’m glad that you handled being left alone in the school room well. You even waved goodbye to Ate Nora as she leaves. Ate said she can hear your voice as you participate in every activities that your teacher gives you. You were the youngest and smallest in your class but you were the most attentive and active. I’m so proud of you, anak.

I feel relieved that you knew well your ABCs and 123s from home and that you recited them perfectly at school. Do you know that you can already count up until 50? But when we played counting 123 at home, you do not want to go beyond 10 because that’s how you have been counting so far at school. You are so obedient to your teacher. I like that you are but please count until 50 with Mommy? I’ll miss counting with you.

You now choose the clothes you wear. There was a time when your teachers told you that your dress is nice,... you never took it off the entire day. Same thing happened when you were forced to wear something you find ‘pangit’. You immediately took it off as soon as got home. When someone told you that that dress is nice, you replied, “Nice ba? Kala ko pangit”, you are so cute! Your fashion sense came in quite early. LOL!

You love to play with other kids. You are the last child to leave school because you still want to play with each remaining classmate. And only leave as soon as the last of them bids farewell.

I thought you would be motivated into eating more if you are surrounded with a group of enthusiastically eating toddlers but I was once again wrong. You just observe your classmates as they enjoy their food leaving your own food untouched. When your teacher saw you not eating, she thought of asking you to share your food, hoping you would get to eat some, too. But you only showed interest in sharing... not eating. Ugh! I really wish you eat more so you won’t miss the nutrients that you should be getting from your food.

Your teachers commended you for your good manners, never forgetting to say ‘please’ when you ask someone for favor.

There’s nothing wrong if your coloring is not perfect. Teacher said you don’t want to color anymore because once the color gets out of line, you will smirk and would not continue anymore because you’ll call your work ‘pangit’. Practice makes perfect, anak! Always remember that. Don’t be discouraged if you commit mistakes the first time. You’ll do better on your next try. Just keep on trying. Never give up. ;-)

I’m sorry if I always warn you that I’m going to throw away your things if you don’t take care of them. I never want to do that to your things but I hope someday, you see the good that it will do to you. That you will learn how to value your belongings and really take care of them.

You look so grown up already. I love that we are able to converse now. Though you oftentimes dominate our conversation by talking animatedly that I just couldn’t have the chance to cut in my response. But it will always be okay with me because the sound of your voice is enough to make a happy mommy out of me. I hope you will never get tired of talking to Mommy. Remember that you can always tell Mommy anything and everything!

Happy 3rd birthday, my dear dear Amber. Mommy and Daddy love you so much! And every day, we thank God for you. 



  1. Belated Happy birthday Amber! Ang cute cute namn ng pose mo sa picture na yan! hehe!


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