Saturday, June 16, 2012

Amber’s 3rd Birthday Celebration

This time, we thought of celebrating Amber’s birthday with kids around. Not really a party since both her parents are party-throwing-phobics, doing it in her school has been a great idea!

Nakakatuwa kasi her teachers are very cooperative. I was even surprised to see a banner put up for her.

I never thought of making her a banner because all I planned was that I’ll just bring them snacks on their break time and yun na. It wasn’t intended to be a real party but the kids looked like they had a party. Some of her classmates even brought her gifts!

Nahiya pa ko sa teachers kasi parang isang malaking distraction ako sa session nila on that day. Hehe! The kids kept going out of the classroom to see what was being set up outside. Ang ingay ko ata! They ran out of their room and towards me when they saw the party hats. They were only 5 in toddler class pero para silang isang barangay! Nakakalokang ang saya!

What I prepared for them were only spaghetti, clubhouse sandwich and hotdog on stick pero the look on the kids’ faces were priceless! Tuwang-tuwa sila, especially when I lit the candles on Amber’s cake and they all sang Happy Birthday!

Here are some pictures from that day...

Meet Amber's classmates (L-R): Jessica, Isaiah, Charise and (the other) Amber.

When I asked Amber if she was happy, she replied with "Very happy, Mommy!".

Aww,... I'm glad that she had fun! ^_^

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