Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Gift of Ordinary Weekends

Amber always looks forward to weekends with Daddy. And I’m starting to accept the fact that she really is her Daddy’s girl.

She enjoys being at Daddy’s side when he fixes the car, she’s interested in Daddy’s tools, she plays with Daddy's toy cars, she cheers Daddy when he plays his computer games,... among the list of the many things they do together. 

Recently, they learned that they shared another common interest – biking!

Well, if you don’t know it yet, I don’t know how to bike. And I guess, I will never learn how! Primarily because my balance sucks. Second, even though I came to realize that it was a bit far from the truth, there’s still this voice from my childhood that keeps telling me that I will never learn how to bike without suffering from bad falls and bruises and scratches. I can no longer remember who told me that but those words definitely stuck with me that I dared not ride and learn to bike. Grrr!

Good thing Amber is more adventurous than me in most aspects, biking included. I’m not sure though what happens if the time comes that she has to face a real bicycle and bid her toy bike goodbye. Until then, I’m glad that she and Daddy are having the best of time every weekend afternoons.


  1. Waaah.
    Paano kung si Neal ang magtuturo sayo, papayag ka ba?

    1. abah, kung ipagpapalit nya si Simon sakin, baka pag-isipan kong mabuti! hahaha!


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