Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Fab!Tags Events

Alex’s summer-themed 7th birthday party was held at Bounce in Boni, Mandaluyong last March 9. It’s a joy being on events. Seeing kids’ and kids-at-heart’s faces as they anxiously wait for their tags to be done,... it’s worth all the preparation that I put into each of the bag tag.

I haven’t put any pictures yet on my official Fab!Tags page because I’m hoping to score official photos during the celebration (Ehem, ehem, Mich?). Teehee! I’m sure it would better give justice to the colorful tags. But for now, I’m proudly sharing these to you.
Summer-Surfer Bag Tags

Thank you to my fellow N@Wie Mich, for having our services. I’m so so glad that Alex and your guests enjoyed what we have prepared for them. :D

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