Monday, April 22, 2013

More LPS Toys!

These came in with the package that Hubby’s sister sent from Uncle Sam’s.

Anime Horse and Mouse.

When the Anime pets came out here, I found them looking very strange, with their slim legs and tiny feet. But these two has grown on me after days and days of playing them with Amber. Yes, I am Amber’s favorite LPS playmate. And when we do play, I feel like a hostage victim stripped of my freedom. I am not allowed to do anything anymore. Going to pee is my only luxury. Sigh! But who am I to complain, yes?

Moon Fairy LPS.

Some of them have wings now?! But they’re fairies and Amber really loves them. They glow in the dark, too.

Thank you Tita Tin, for the presents! You made one ecstatic toddler here. ^_^

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